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Latin Competitive Figures by Slavik and Karina


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The development of Posture, Rhythm, Technique and attention to details has made Slavik Kryklyvyy and Karina Smirnoff pre-eminent in the world of Professional Latin American Dancing. Slavik and Karina are particulary careful in their personal choice of Choreography, using many fundamental figures in each dance, some of which they have developed to the advanced level required as leading competitors.

Advanced or Competitive dancers of any level will be able to understand how Slavik and Karina through their "Superb posture and rhythm", have developed the fundamental Latin Figures to the competitve figures of today. By studying this video/DVD you will be able to improve your own technique, rhythm and posture.

A total of 16 groups of selected fundamenal figures are shown, covering each dance and then 16 developments to advanced movements through shape and rhythmic effects.


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