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Ballroom Dancers Federation International Congress, Blackpool May 2006

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3 video tapes (4 in NTSC version) or 4 DVDs containing THE WORLD'S BEST LECTURES with the world's top dance coaches and performers. The lectures are a live recording of the event that took place in Winter Gardens, Blackpool, May 2006 WILLIAM PINO & ALESSANDRIA BUCCIARELLI - Slow Foxtrot VICTOR NIKOVSKI & SACHA MELNIKOV - The Russian Revolution CATERINA ARZENTON - Devotion To The Motion ANDREJ SKUFCA & KATARINA VENTURINI - Rumba RICHARD GLEAVE, MICHAEL BARR & LEN GOODMAN - The Reunion MARGARET REDMOND - My Dream Connection JONATHAN WILKINS & KATUSHA DEMIDOVA - Tango LINDSEY HILLIER & SHIRLEY BALLAS - Ballroom & Latin JASON GILKINSON & PETA ROBY - Burning Ambition MICHAEL MALITOWSKI & JOANNA LEUNIS - Samba CHRISTOPHER & JUSTINA HAWKINS - Viennese Waltz ALAN FLETCHER - A Master Class MIRKO GOZZOLI & ALESSIA BETTI - Waltz GARY McDONALD, BUDDY SCHWIMMER & MICHAEL CHAPMAN - The American Dream TIMOTHY HOWSON & JOANNE BOLTON - Quickstep BRYAN WATSON & CARMEN - Paso Doble ANDREW SINKINSON, JOHN WOOD & STEPHEN HILLIER - The Ballroom Boys DONNIE BURNS & GAYNOR FAIRWEATHER - The X Factor Total running time: 9 hrs (approx 30 min/lecture)
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