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IDTA Technique of Ballroom Dancing by Guy Howard. David Sycamore & Denise Weavers - Tango DVD


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Main Demonstration Tango Figures
  1. Progressive Side Step
  2. Progressive Link
  3. Closed Promenade
  4. Open Promenade
  5. Basic Reverse Turn
  6. Open Reverse Turn Lady in Line
  7. Open Reverse Turn Lady Outside
  8. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn
  9. Natural Rock Turn
  10. Back Corte
  11. Rock on LF
  12. Rock on RF
  13. Natural Promenade Turn
  14. Natural Promenade Turn to Natural Rock Turn
  15. Natural Twist Turn
  16. Promenade Link
  17. Four Step
  18. Brush Tap
  19. Outside Swivel to Right
  20. Outside Swivel to Left
  21. Reverse Outside Swivel
  22. Fallaway Promenade
  23. Four Step Change
  24. Back Open Promenade
  25. Chase
  26. Oversway
  27. Five Step
  28. Reverse Five Step
Tango Basic Principles
  1. The Ballroom Hold
  2. Hold in Promenade Position
  3. Forward Walk
  4. Backward Walk
Tango Figures in more Detail
  1. Open Reverse Turn Lady Outside
  2. Natural Twist Turn
  3. Outside Swivel to Right
  4. Oversway
  5. Five Step
Running time: 100 min. approx.
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