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IDTA Argentine Tango A Guide to Basics and Beyond (Part 2) with Stefanos and Valentina

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Product code: DSI-78231

Commissioned as a technique for IDTA's Argentine Tango Advanced Syllabus Figures and Routines.

This DVD contains:

  1. Demonstration part 1
  2. The Cut Eight
  3. Giro with Displacement
  4. The Chain
  5. Chains with Displacements
  6. Demonstration part 2
  7. Natural Changes of Directions 2
  8. Recurring Cross Body Steps with Voleo
  9. Change directions with Giro
  10. Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces Combination
  11. Demonstration part 3
  12. Displacements with Front Eights
  13. Giro with Spiral and Voleo
  14. Contra Action Eights with Hooks
  15. Giro with Sweep and Hook
  1. Milonga Demonstration
  2. Milonga Basic
  3. Basic step ( 8 count)
  4. Front Eights
  5. Back Eights
  6. Rock Turn
  7. Incomplete Basic with Front Eights
  8. Basic with Progressive Steps
  9. Zig zag
  10. Exercises
Running time: 60 min. approx.
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