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Dylon multi-purpose dye

By: Dylon

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None of the major dance shoe manufacturers makes shoes in all colours of the rainbow. That would an impossible task, so the shoes are simply made in white satin and you have to dye them yourself. Doing that for the first time may seem frightening, but it is much easier than you think!
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Multi-purpose dye is a powder that comes in small tins. It is a hot water dye used at the simmer. One tin of Dylon Multi-purpose dye will dye up to 250g/8oz dry weight fabric (3-4 pairs of shoes). In either case the results are not colourfast.

All colours are fully intermixable increasing the number of possible shades that can be achieved. Mix colours together and create a new shade to match an existing outfit!

See step by step guide to dyeing satin shoes

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