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2011 World Super Stars Dance Festival - Latin

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Impressive, Superb, Classic The dance art pinnacle that grasps world attention! A complete recording of the festival If you could only buy one dance DVD per year, it should be this one! A must have for all dance enthusiasts. These videos feature spectacular showcases of non-stop dancing from the world's leading Latin American exponents. Each couple was individually filmed in spotlight performing 5 different dances with costume changes. Without a doubt, these videos capture the grace, elegance, beauty and the outstanding performances of the best dancers in the WORLD! This DVD features: Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko (5 Shows) Stefano Di Filippo & Olga Urumova (5 Shows) Franco Formica & Oxana Lebedew (5 Shows) Sergey Surkov & Melia (5 Shows) Markus Homm & Ksenia Kasper (5 Shows) Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis (5 Shows) Bryan Watson & Carmen (3 Shows) Fabulous, breathtaking show to remember for years. Color, approx 160 min.
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