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2008 Blackpool Dance Festival - Saturday 24th May: Amateur Under 21 Latin

By: Quasar

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Product code: 08BL-2

This DVD shows the best 48 couples performing at the British Amateur Under 21 Latin Championships, which took place in Blackpool, England Saturday 24th May 2008. Additionally to showing the couples dancing at normal speed, each DVD shows also the same couples in slow motion so you can truly analyze their movements, lead and follow in detail. Plus spectacular outfits and truly breathtaking show! Running time: approx 120 min.

Amateur Under 21 Latin:


  1. Kirill Belorukov & Elvira Skrylnikova, Russia
  2. Nikita Brovko & Alina Zharullina, Russia
  3. Anton Karpov & Kristina Moshenskaya, Russia
  4. Miha Vodicar & Nadiya Bychkova, Slovenia
  5. Artur Tarnavskiy & Mariya Dyment, Ukraine
  6. Oleg Negrov & Dariya Chesnokova, Ukraine


  • Morten Lowe & Zia James, Denmark
  • Andrea De Angelis & Francesca Tocca, Italy
  • Evgen Golichenko & Kateryna Krut, Ukraine
  • Vitaliy Proskurin & Nadiya Kuprava, Ukraine
  • Tomas Marek & Martina Markova, Czech Republic
  • Mark Popkov & Marika Doshoris, France
  • Daniel Falkenberg & Anastasiya Melnikova, Denmark

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