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Chrisanne 2014 Dancewear collection

Chrisanne 2014 Dancewear collection for Ballroom and Latin Ladies is now avaialble from us! Some totally new ideas and some well tested ideas now improved. Check it out now

Ray Rose shoes now available on Dancesport UK

We are very happy to announce that we are now partners with Ray Rose, the manufacturer of probably the most professional and most competitive dance shoes on the market today. Ray Rose have been Bryan Watson's and Carmen's favourite shoes throughout their professional careers and helped them win the World Championship title 9 times! You can now check Ray Rose Ladies Latin, Ladies Ballroom Men Latin, Men Ballroom, Girls and Boys. Browse all Ray Rose shoes

2013 The World Super Stars DVDs are now in stock!

Hot! Just arrived! We are now shipping so eagerly awaited 2013 World Super Stars DVDs: Standard and Latin. These are no doubt the most inspiring Dance shows that have ever been made. If you want to be one of the first people to have them - order now

The World Super Stars DVDs

2013 World Ballroom Dancing Congress, Blackpool

Every year in May Blackpool becomes not only the home of one of the finest Dance Competitions, but also a home of the famous World Ballroom Dancing Congress. Tickets to the Congress are expensive and places are limited, fortunatelly there are also official Congress DVDs that allow you to experience learning from the World's finest Dancers and Coaches. 2013 Blackpool Congress DVDs are now ready and available from us in PAL and NTSC format.

2013 Blackpool Dance Festival

Four separate DVDs are available covering Amateur Ballroom, Amateur Latin, Professional Ballroom and Professional Latin events. All excellent! World's best couples in competition. Blackpool 2013

Santoria SILVA collection 2013

Released in February 2013 Santoria SILVA collection is the latest collection for Ballroom Ladies and for Latin Ladies from this very valued, high end manufacturer. All Santoria collection are made of quality fabrics and have very feminine body lines combined with trendy designs. We definitely like them!

Nueva Epoca: New range of Argentine Tango shoes

Even more fantastic, sexy Strictly Argentine Tango shoes. Nueva Epoca ladies shoes are made with high heels 7cm, 8cm or 9cm. Mens shoes with low heels. For more info and/or to order visit our Shoes department.

Chrisanne inspired by Tania Kehlet

This is a new collection released in August 2012 featuring some beautiful practice wear for ballroom ladies. All modelled by Tania Kehlet. Chrisanne 2012 inspired by Tania Kehlet

Santoria Nebula Collection

It is amazing by Santoria is getting better and better with every new collection they release. This years latest Nebula collection is bigger and more diverse than the earlier ones. There is a nice choice for both Latin and Ballroom ladies. Have a look and you will find something for yourself for this season 2012 Nebula dancewear (Ballroom ladies) and 2012 Nebula dancewear (Latin ladies)

Studio Himawari is closing down the production of DVDs

It is very sad news. Studio Himawari, world's biggest developer of Dancesport DVDs has announced that they discontinue production of instructional and events DVDs. That means all our DVDs with codes beginning HW will have to be discontinued shortly. At the moment we still have some stock, but the stock is limited and when they are gone they will be gone for good. Today might be the last chance to get the DVDs you always thought of having. For more info and/or to order visit our DVDs department Studio Himawari closing down sale

Chrisanne Practice shirt

Chrisanne Full body Practice shirt. So badly needed by any male dancer, why did not anyone create something like this before? Go to Full Body Practice shirt

Pursuit of Perfection DVD

Pursuit of Perfection is a new DVD release by Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova. In-depth ballroom technique explained by the current reigning World Professional Ballroom Champions. Recommended. Persuit of Perfection

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